Конгресс издания

Culture should play an important part in integration of Eastern European countries with the European Union. The Congress is the first of a kind initiative for cultural cooperation in the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership programme. It is a platform serving the exchange of ideas, development of tools for cooperation and creation of common representation on the European forum.

Cultural cooperation in the common area, encompassing both European Union countries and the Eastern Europe region lying outside the Schengen border, can be realized only by backing up an international, joint community of people of culture. The community should build a network constituting a tool for realization of the idea of the Eastern Partnership as a culture project. Genuine commitment and practical activities of cultural communities should be supported by local, national and international authorities.

These were the conclusions reached by participants of the Firts Eastern Partnership Culture Congress which took place in Lublin between October 21-23, 2011.

Congress gather makers, thinkers and cultural organizers who wish for changes in culture and are willing to get involved in their implementation, searching for new forms and areas for artistic and animation activities, open for partnership that combines organic work in the society with the courage of artistic ambitions. Congress has become a place of mutual understanding and presentation of good practices.

The most significant result of the Congress are recommendations defined together and submitted to the authorities shaping cultural policy. The recommendations point out to the need to develop new models of cultural cooperation by integrating entities from the Eastern Partnership into works on the shape of European Neighborhood Policy, building a network supporting organizations and
makers from the Eastern Partnership countries as well as creation and implementation of solutions for development of cultural sector and cultural education system.

Congresses are planned to be held in different cities of the Eastern Partnership every second year.