Edition 2013

We invite you for the Congress “Culture for the Eastern Partnership” which will be held from 4 util 6 of October 2013 in Lublin, Poland

Organizing the Culture for the Eastern Partnership Congress we want to create a space for exchanging ideas by the invited partners from the East and West of Europe, for sharing experiences and know- how, and, at last, for implementing joint artistic as well as social and cultural projects. Our understanding of culture implies referring to the past while thinking about the future.

The mission of the Congress is to inspire the transfer of culture beyond borders, transmitting ideas and experiences in both directions and joint building up of the Eastern Europe’s identity. This is the cooperation for artistic and cultural exchange, mobility of artists and works of art, mutual inspirations and getting to know the up to date reality via the presentation of contemporary art on both sides of the border. This is the cultural partnership in practical activities expanding the formula of dialogue on European values.

The Culture for the Eastern Partnership Congress aspires to what is new and forward-looking in culture, to what corresponds with the transformations of the contemporary world, and – which is more – stays ahead of these transformations, introducing new models of cooperation.

During the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress in 2011, we put forward a set of recommendations on how to grow the Eastern Partnership as a cultural project. We agreed on holding Congresses every two years and set the tasks to work on in the intervening period. The Recommendations of the First Eastern Partnership Culture Congress elaborated by the Congress think tank included the postulates defined by its participants: three hundred artists, managers and culture animators, representatives of ministries, local governments, NGOs, academic circles and media from 17 Eastern Partnership and European Union countries.


The Congress will also provide a place for specific artistic activities within the Integrations−Mediations festival including artistic presentations and demonstrations of best cultural practices showing the diversity of today’s culture of every Eastern Partnership

Lublin is going to kidnap Europe to the East, remanding of the common civilizational roots and referring to social solidarity being one of the fundamental European values. By doing this, Lublin will move the European Union closer to Eastern Europe, show its beautiful spiritual traditions. Today’s great potential for cultural cooperation, dispel fears and prejudices imprinted on both sides, unspell the border dividing these two worlds – and bewitch the West with ingenious artistic visions. Lublin will awake the ‘Old’ Europe’s age-old longing for the East and become the partner in assuaging it.

Integrations Mediations create the space for exchanging artistic ideas between partners from the East and West of Europe, sharing experience and artistic skills, and finally for joint implementation of artistic as well as social and cultural projects.

Inetgrations Mediations, which are searching for a new concept of a festival, will include artistic presentations, demonstrations of best practices and heterogeneous contemporary cultures from all Eastern Partnership countries. Integrations aspire to what is new and forward-looking in culture, to what corresponds with the transformations of the contemporary world, and – which is more – stays ahead of these transformations.

Congress Office
Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie
Grodzka 5a, 20112 Lublin
tel. 48 81 533 08 18

Maria Artemiuk (Russian, Ukrainian) m.artemiuk@warsztatykultury.pl
Agata Will (English, Spanish, French) a.will@warsztatykultury.pl


Congress “Culture for the Eastern Partnership” is co-financed by the Public Diplomacy and Culture Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in the frame of the competition “Public diplomacy cooperation 2013″


Congress “Culture for the Eastern Partnership”  and  “Integrations Mediations Festival are organized in the frame of the East of Culture project