We are proud to announce The Recommendations of the first Eastern Partnership Culture Congress. We made every effort to ensure that the final version takes into account all the postulates given by the participants of the Congress: 300 artists, managers and organizers of cultural events, representatives of ministries, local governments, NGOs, academias and media from 17 countries of the Eastern Partnership and the European Union.

The final version of the Recommendations were devised by a team of representatives of Programming Council of the Congress.

We share a common belief that Culture is a vital factor in determining social and economic growth, building dialogue across borders and opening new possibilities. Therefore we call for building a common European cultural space, including EaP countries and respecting their diversity in the legal, social and economic sphere, greater engagement of organizations from the EaP in building the European Neighbourhood Policy, the creation of professional educational programs and financial mechanisms for artists and cultural managers in the EaP countries, facilitating cultural cooperation and mobility of artists and cultural managers between the EaP and the EU.

Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to building the Eastern Partnership as a common cultural project which supports social and economic development, fosters long-term cooperation of the European Union with its neighbors, including not only the countries of the Eastern Partnership, but also Russia and Turkey.

I strongly urge you to take into consideration these Recommendations, as the voice of cultural practitioners in developing further mechanisms, systems and programs for the Eastern Partnership.


Chairman of the Programming Council of the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress
Krzysztof Czyżewski



Congress Recommendations in three language vesrion you will find here: