III Eastern Partnership Culture Congress


Lviv, Ukraine

4-6 September 2015

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv



e-mail: info@epccongress.lviv.ua

web site: http://epccongress.lviv.ua



NOTE: There is NO need for the visa for the citizens of the European Union


III Eastern Partnership Culture Congress is a continuation of the idea of two pervious editions which were held in Lublin in 2011 and 2013.



Why is the Congress held in Lviv, Ukraine?

The special attention of the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries in now paid to Ukraine where a great outburst of social, civil, and hence political identity is taking place. We organize the Congress being fully aware of the fact that Ukraine needs its identity to be constituted. In the sphere of social relations, it is culture that offers the best and innovative solutions and tools that may also be used in other Eastern Partnership countries. Being in a state of political, administrative and social system metamorphosis, today’s Ukraine is a kind of a real-life laboratory of transformation. It is a laboratory where, before our very eyes, a significant political and civil change is taking place through searching for and using the experiences of transformation, the change that may serve as an example for other EaP countries.

The formula of the Congress

The Congress will have a modular structure comprising theoretical panel meetings and practical workshops. Theoretical discussions and panel meetings will focus on the issue of crisis, while practical activities may cover every aspect of art and culture creation, animation and management. The Congress will be participated by creative sector representatives, artists, managers, curators, activists, academia, but also representatives of local government administration, ministries of cultures and the EU.


Crisis of European Values. We will talk about the actual condition of European and humanitarian values. How cultural environments actually cooperate if their circulation is limited by bureaucracy, visa regime and income statements? Is the programme of Eastern Partnership an effective if it unifies such dissimilar countries into one category? What trials of local identities are predetermined by integration, and are they helpful?

Fear in Culture/Culture of Fear. The feelings of threat and uncertainty are familiar to any culture: the fear of destabilisation, economic crises, crises of creative ideas, the loss of funding. What are cultures afraid of outside and within? Was the fear of the Other overcome in modern Europe by tolerance?

Art as a Provocateur of Change. Contemporary art, which has passed through the modern and postmodern ideas of the last century, has swayed from the format of production of purely aesthetic experience. Critical culture and contemporary art has become a ground for experiment, testing borders, creating changes in societies. How effective and influential can these features of contemporary art be? What specifically loses a society in which there is no demand for such experiments and problematisation?

Cultural Policies and Economics of Culture. None true cultural practices do exist independently of other spheres of human activity. In particular, props, restrictions and external incentives are always present inside of culture. Similarly, a separate logic is being implemented in the sphere of culture by economic factors. Such external factors sometimes so deeply grow into the objects of their influence that become perceived as purely cultural appearances, become internal players.

Communications of Culture. The term “information war” has firmly entrenched itself in the daily lexicon of Ukrainians. The question of the difference between manipulation and persuasion gained  existential sharpness, because considering whether the “pure” (unbiased) culture is possible, is no longer a topic of armchair scientists exclusively. So can culture be used to influence society? If so, how?

Here find the full information about the thematic panels: http://epccongress.lviv.ua/en/?page_id=764


Artistic programme during the Congress

The Congress will also provide a place for specific artistic activities within the Contemporary Art Week, Partnerhip Festival, art fair and show cases.


Welcome to the Congress in Lviv – clip: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuRAUBVvEOZXkVi1Z-8iAGQ