‘LohvinaŬ’ bookstore can be closed

Minsk bookstore ‘LohvinaŬ’ falls into hard times of its history. The sentencing of the hearing is expected on the January 5, 2015. As the result of which we may be closed, and the founder of the bookstore Ihar Lohvinaŭ may be imprisoned on the basis of unauthorised book sale without state registration. Over the past ten months, we have applied eight times for the registration to the Ministry of Information and each time we have been rejected in a kafkaesque manner.

Thankful to generous support of our partners and society, during the five years of our existence we have become not just a bookstore but the center of Belarusan culture, public platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, the meeting point of readers and writers, where book presentations and discussions take place. The bookstore is also a space of intercultural communication where contemporary literature from different countries is being presented – either in translation into Belarusan or in original, – including ongoing meetings with translators and foreign authors.

We will be grateful if our colleagues could support us by sharing this information with publishers, writers, officials in cultural sector, journalists and related public figures.