EASTREET – exhibition of street photography from Eastern Europe

We invite you to take part in the EASTREET exhibition of street photography, which will be held within the Integrations−Mediations festival in Lublin, Poland in 3-30 October 2013.

It will be the first presentation of street photography by such a great number of artists from Eastern Europe with special reference to Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) but not only – we are also accepting submissions from other countries Eastern Europe, Balkan region, as well as Russia and former republics. The selected photos will be professionally prepared for display and presented in the newly open building of the Centre for Culture in Lublin. A special catalogue with information on the presented authors will be published and a discussion on documenting public spaces will be held.


Our intention is to present a group portrait of people in public spaces of Eastern European cities. The questions we pose are: What kind of changes do they experience and what kind of interactions do they participate in? How does an individual shape her/his environment, how does it  influence our life, how do we interact with it? What is hidden under the surface of everyday life? The formula of street photography fits ideally to this subject matter, but we do not understand it in a narrow, conventional way: the exhibition may feature also broadly defined documentary photography (as long as they are individual photographs, not series).


  1.  We only accept images created in the Eastern Partnership and Eastern Europe, Balkan countries, as well as Russia and former republics. Nationality or place of residence photographer is not relevant.
  2. The priority requirement is that the submitted photographs document daily life, public space and our interaction with the space and its impact on our lives. Human being is in the center of our attention (even if not literally present on the photo).
  3. According to the usual convention of street photography we expect spontaneous images, combining unexpected elements, showing what is happening “under” the seemingly trivial everyday life. They do not need to be done on the street but  anywhere in public space (park, market, beach, village, museum, shop, parking, public event, sidewalk, etc.).
  4. The work should have a high aesthetic, compositional and narrative  values, the narrative should be limited to a single photo – no series or reportages, but sets of individual images.
  5. Open Call is aimed at both professional photographers and amateurs. There are no age limits or specific technical requirements  but the pictures should be available in timeframe and sent in  resolution that allows printing, in at least A4 format (or similar).
  6. By submitting photos you agree to include them in the exhibition and catalog, as well as used them in promotional materials (website, newsletter, press releases, etc.). We will not use the submitted images for any other purpose without the prior agreement of the author.

Deadline for sending applications: 25 August 2013

Time frame:
Deadline for sending applications: 25 August 2013
Information about selected works: 10 September 2013
Sending selected photos in high resolution for printing: 20 September 2013
Opening of the exhibition: 3 October 2013
Closing of the exhibition: 30 October 2013

Contact: info@eastreet.eu