Cultural Cooperation Network for the Eastern Partnership

The Cultural Cooperation Network for the Eastern Partnership provides an opportunity to bring together cultural practitioners and organizations from the Eastern Partnership countries and the European Union and help develop cross-border cooperation. It is expected to attract mainly the representatives of independent culture and non-profit organizations, informal groups, individual artists and activists, as well as local government and national institutions.

The growing network is a “living organism” rather than an institution; it is a grassroots initiative, far from imposing any top-down solutions, having a democratic structure and respecting cultural diversity. Internationally, the network’s aim will be the representation and advocacy for the development of the culture of the Eastern Partnership.

Building of a cultural network follows the recommendations made by the participants of the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress. The main objective of the network participants: artists, managers and curators from Eastern Europe, is to unlock new channels of cooperation and communication within the common cultural space for Europe, as well as building and strengthening the positive image of Eastern Europe in the European Union coupled with the representation and advocacy for the promotion of culture of the Eastern Partnership.

The first tage of network development is Connected by the Border project that started the process of the Eastern Partnership Cultural Cooperation Network (EaPCCN) building. It was launched by the Trans Kultura Foundation Culture and the Workshops of Culture in Lublin; it got off the ground immediately after the 1st Congress in 2011 and has been carried ever since.

The idea of the project was to facilitate the encounter of cultural practitioners from the EaP countries, to exchange knowledge and experiences, to identify the real problems and needs of the cultural sector in the Eastern Partnership countries and to provide a basis for advancing cultural networks in Eastern Europe. Connected by the Border involved workshops with international experts, meetings with artists, NGO s, cultural institutions and social activists; the point is to learn about the models of cultural activities in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and to establish contacts with representatives of cultural groups in these countries. The main aim of the project was establishing a core group that will be responsible for the network establishment.


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