Mission and goals

Eastern Partnership Culture Congress is heading for what is new in culture, evolutionary, relevant to changes of modern world, and for what overtakes these avant-garde changes.

The Congress is a place for artists, thinkers and culture organizers seeking for changes in culture and ready to implement them, seeking for new forms and areas of artistic and animation activities, open to partnership combining organic work within a society with courage of artistic ambitions. During Eastern Partnership Culture Congress, there will be time to get to know each other and to present examples of good practice.

Congress objectives:

  • to establish a platform “cultures for changes” based on: congresses held every two years, think-tank and work group activity; to issue publications, to organize summer schools and other partnership events,
  • to establish Eastern Partnership as a cultural project,
  • to develop a long-term cooperation with Eastern Partnership neighbouring countries: European Union, Russia, Turkey and many others,
  • to engage culture in social change,
  • to elaborate organization and financial tools for common ideas and arrangements.