Two first editions of the Congress in 2011 and 2013 were held in Lublin, Poland, the third edition in 2015 will be held in Lviv, Ukraine.

Why Lviv?

The special attention of the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries in now paid to Ukraine where a great outburst of social, civil, and hence political identity is taking place. We organize the Congress being fully aware of the fact that Ukraine needs its identity to be constituted. In the sphere of social relations, it is culture that offers the best and innovative solutions and tools that may also be used in other Eastern Partnership countries. Being in a state of political, administrative and social system metamorphosis, today’s Ukraine is a kind of a real-life laboratory of transformation. It is a laboratory where, before our very eyes, a significant political and civil change is taking place through searching for and using the experiences of transformation, the change that may serve as an example for other EaP countries.

Why Lublin?

Lublin is the biggest city in eastern Poland with a population of 350 000. It is the capital of Lublin Voivodeship. It is 160 km east-south of Warsaw, close to the boarder with Ukraine and Belarus. In the past, it was an important state centre situated on trade routes between the West and the East, its prime period dates back on the turn of 16th and 17th centuries.

In Lublin Polish-Lithuanian Union was signed, which established common state of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, multicultural unity which lasted for almost 200 years.

In order to stay faithful to values of cultural heritage and meet the expectations of contemporary times, Lublin focuses on the reinforcement of its presence at the international level, in reference mainly to its Eastern partners. Such strategy is not only a consequence of a geographic location and its proximity of the eastern boarder of EU, but also a conscious decision of city authorities. Characteristic heritage of Lublin is the wealth of the past and a chance for the future. It is a source of inspiration and a development trigger for our city and for our partnership cities. This is how projects run by Lublin together with its partners from Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and lately Turkey are perceived.

Giving the cooperation with Eastern Partnership cities priority, Lublin made it one of the major pillars of European City of Culture 2016 application. Lublin became a finalist of the competition, and cultural policy assumptions made by so called Go East Lab will be a foundation for the development of mutual relations for the future.

The organization of Culture Congress of Eastern Partnership is one of the elements of the strategy aiming at, in a long term perspective, establishing in Lublin a centre of competence for East for integrated Europe. We want to achieve it all by designing a platform to exchange your thoughts, inviting partners from the East and the West to cooperate, experience and know how exchange, running common cultural and social-cultural projects. When it comes to culture, we go back in history. When it comes to future, universal but characteristic and multicultural heritage of Lublin remains a historical value and an idea for a modern city development. Lublin is a city, which unites people and nations, shares its achievements, learns from them, and conducts a dialogue with them.

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