Organizing the Congress we want to create a space for exchanging ideas by the invited partners from the East and West of Europe, for sharing experiences and know- how, and, at last, for implementing joint artistic as well as social and cultural projects. Our understanding of culture implies referring to the past while thinking about the future.

The mission of the Congress is to inspire the transfer of culture beyond borders, transmitting ideas and experiences in both directions and joint building up of the Eastern Europe’s identity. This is the cooperation for artistic and cultural exchange, mobility of artists and works of art, mutual inspirations and getting to know the up to date reality via the presentation of contemporary art on both sides of the border. This is the cultural partnership in practical activities expanding the formula of dialogue on European values.

The Congress aspires to what is new and forward-looking in culture, to what corresponds with the transformations of the contemporary world, and – which is more – stays ahead of these transformations, introducing new models of cooperation.